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Many years of success

Since opening the doors to our business in London, JP Project Management has witnessed more than a decade of success. In a construction market as competitive as the capital, that is no small achievement. In addition to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients, the key driver of that success has been a uniquely disciplined approach to project management.

The building firm that doesn’t do drama

No matter how you plan, managing a construction job is rarely stress free. The disruption and the demands can be physically and emotionally draining. JP Project Management go the extra mile to deliver the smoothest possible experience for our clients. For more than a decade we’ve built a reputation for the quality of our work, and the professionalism of our service.

Our Mission:

"We believe that everybody deserves a great home, and that each should be safe, well-maintained and built with a green heart."

We are committed to delivering on time and within budget on every single project. It is always our goal to beyond expectation, focusing on every last detail to get it just right. Put simply, we build to impress.

The perfectionist on site

JP Project Management is led by experienced manager Joanna Palinski. As well overseeing company operations, Joanna guides every project to ensure timelines are kept, budgets are respected, and the quality of the work is kept consistently high. With equal passions for construction and interior design, Joanna’s attention to detail has had a huge influence on the way we work.

Everyone deserves a beautiful home


Diversity, equity, and inclusion, disability, mental health

JP Project Management Ltd is committed to being a responsible business that values diversity, fairness, and inclusivity and supports people with disabilities. Here are the actions we take to promote these principles:

  • Embracing Diversity: We actively seek and hire employees from diverse backgrounds, including international staff, to foster a multicultural and inclusive work environment.
  • Promoting gender diversity by actively seeking qualified women candidates and implementing policies that support their career growth in construction.
  • Inclusive Workplace Culture: We prioritize removing conscious and unconscious biases within our organization. We provide training and education to raise awareness, challenge biases, and promote an inclusive culture that values and respects individuals from all backgrounds.
  • We prioritize promoting emotional well-being among both our team members and clients. As the director of the company, who is also an accredited mental health coach, we are committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of our workforce. We are proud to be a supporter of The Lighthouse Club, the Construction Industry Charity. Through our partnership, we join the mission to ensure that no construction worker and their family will ever face a crisis alone. By actively promoting emotional well-being and supporting initiatives like The Lighthouse Club, we strive to create a caring and supportive environment within our company and the construction industry.
  • Inclusive Workplace Culture means that we make it a priority to eliminate any unfair treatment or prejudices, whether they are intentional or unintentional, within our organization. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or identity.
  • At JP Project Management Ltd, we are a responsible business that pays all employees a living wage. We believe in fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. Our comprehensive agreements prioritize fair wages, meeting legal requirements and industry standards. By providing a living wage, we support our employees' well-being, financial stability, and create a positive work environment that promotes sustainable livelihoods.

What Our Customers Think

We are committed to delivering on time and within budget on every single project. It is always our goal to go beyond expectations, focusing on every last detail to get it just right. Put simply, we build to impress. Here is some of the feedback we get from our customers.

  • JP Project Management Ltd did a full refurbishment and I am absolutely delighted with the results, I cannot recommend them enough, they are also our go-to contractor for our business as we have a portfolio of 40 managed properties!

  • We have been using JP Project Management Ltd for a decade now. They have carried out a number of refurbishment jobs in our house and rental properties. The outcome is always of the greatest quality. They are very professional and swiftly solve any issues. Joanna is very knowledgeable and offers clever, tasteful and sensibly priced solutions. We use their maintenance services a lot. Being their regular clients give us confidence that when something breaks down, they will be there for us to solve the problem.

  • It has been a pleasure to work with the team. Very polite, understanding and attention to details is great! We are so happy!

  • We couldn’t do the project without Joanna. Her knowledge and approach is 5 star service


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