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Expert Property Maintenance Services for Your Home or Business

Preserving your property, ensuring its value. Our property maintenance services keep your property in prime condition, year-round.

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Property Maintenance


Many of our clients, particularly landlords and those in the commercial sector, make use of our ongoing handyman service to keep their properties in perfect working order. We also help landlords breathe fresh life into properties after long tenancies. We work fast to get properties back on the market looking their very best.

Homeowners and Landlords
We're proud to provide top quality property maintenance services tailored for homeowners and landlords. Our skilled team is dedicated to giving you a variety of thorough, quality options to keep your property in great shape, make your tenants happy, and make managing your property less stressful.
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Estate Agents
We provide real estate agents with a full range of maintenance services to keep their properties in top shape. Our skilled team works quickly and effectively, fixing problems fast to keep tenants happy and property values high.
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Office Managers and Owners
We provide high-quality maintenance services designed just for office managers and owners. We know how crucial it is to keep an office running smoothly, safely, and comfortably. Our experienced team is focused on giving quick and dependable services to fix issues without hassle, so your office stays in excellent shape.
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Hospitality Industry
We offer detailed and trustworthy maintenance services made just for the hospitality sector. We understand that good maintenance, done right on time, is key for places like hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Our work helps improve customer happiness, keep your business's good name, and raise the value of your property.
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Architects and Insurers
We focus on providing top-notch, eco-friendly, and effective services tailored for architects and insurers. Our professional team works hard to keep the properties you manage in excellent and safe condition, helping to safeguard your investment and keep your clients happy.
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Our handyman services include:

  • Fixing toilet seats
  • Tidying gardens
  • Wall & floor tiling
  • Replacing bathroom silicone sealant
  • leaning tile grout
  • Clearing rubbish
  • Gutters unblocked & repaired
  • Cleaning out gullies
  • Leaking taps
  • Electrical fault repairs
  • Hanging pictures, mirrors, curtains & blinds
  • Putting up shelves
  • Wall mounting TV’s
  • Relocating furniture
  • Adjusting locks & hinges
  • Draught proofing windows & doors
  • Fixing bathroom cabinets
  • Heating and cold-water repairs
  • Electrical fault repairs
  • Miscellaneous odd jobs

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